Where to Get Cheap Tapestries

There is a massive range of tapestries out there on the internet available for all, however they are not all very affordable. Some of the tapestries at Etsy for example are ridiculously priced. To be fair, most of these tapestries are hand made and are totally gorgeous, the issue is they’re just not overly affordable.

We can also go over to Ebay and check out their tapestries but these aren’t readily available and get auctioned quickly. Society6 also have some great tapestries but again, they are a bit expensive. This is due to the fact that the art is custom printed onto a canvas, they’re not just mass produced tapestries.


Over at toptapestries there is a collection of cheap wall hangings which have been gathered together. There are some really cool tapestry hangings on this page and you should check it out! A lot of them are from Amazon but there is a mixture and variety of different ones which have been pulled together.

If you don’t own a tapestry yet I suggest you go with a really cheap one to see if you like it. A lot of people think tapestries look awesome but when they get it they just don’t like how it looks in their room. If you buy a nice cheap wall hanging it doesn’t matter if you don’t like it and you can just use it as a rugged picnic blanket!

The tapestry in the video below is the type of ones you get on the cheap. Usually a mandala of some sort made from cotton! They are usually really good quality for the price.


Cool Deer Print

I found this awesome deer print over at etsy.com. It has a really nice contrast of colour and I particularly like the art style. It has a unique style which really pops out. This would look fantastic in a minimalist room with other blue decorations near by. I would probably use this at Christmas as it seems more of a winter style piece.


It would also work as a summer time print if you had a forest theme going on. Make sure to have some pine cones and things nearby for a really North American Woodland feel! Overall it is a beautiful piece and would love to see more in this style.

Bohemian Tapestries

The boho fashion craze is absolutely huge right now. It is trending wildly on tumblr, pinterest and instagram. It is easy to see why this is the case. Boho designs and art are absolutely gorgeous and are super eye catching. They look fantastic as prints, poster and bohemian tapestries.

My favourite part of the craze is how popular the mandala pattern has become. It’s a really old school pattern that has been around for years but has seen a massive surge in popularity since the boho fashion trend started.

Check out this mandala below, it is one of my favourites because it has been combined with a compass to create a beautifully unique piece of art.



Hammocks in the home

Hammocks are one of my favourite home items. They are a fantastic way to relax and are actually really easy to setup, you just need a bit of space and a cooperative household! I found this amazing hammock over at amazon and hung it up in the porch. It works beautifully and is the ultimate zone-out place for me to go and read books or just relax!

I highly recommend getting yourself one because it has actually really improved my quality of life. They are incredibly comfortable and it can be difficult to leave once your settled in!


I love trees

Trees are truly amazing things. They keep on pumping out oxygen despite our savage and greedy needs. They are the reason we can breathe in clean fresh air.

There are lots of cool ways to bring tree decor into your home. You can get yourself a mini bonsai tree, paint your walls with a forest theme or get some (renewable) bits of wood to decorate your rooms.

You can also use tree tapestries as a huge wall hanging to really fill out the room. My personal favourite tree decor item though, is those mini palm tree things you can get. They are absolutely gorgeous and actually aren’t too expensive!


Cool Red Mandala

Check out this gorgeous red mandala from etsy.com. Red is my favourite colour and when combined with a mandala pattern you get this gorgeous, bold looking tapestry.

I would love to hang this up in my living room with some red crystals and candles. It would create a very strong presence since red is so dominant.

If you want a really eye catching tapestry to use as a wall hanging then I would go with this bad boy!


Tiger Decor

There are a lot of people out there who love tiger themes. I thought I would do a very quick post on why tiger themes are awesome and why they seem to be popular.

There is something alluring and almost hypnotic about the stripes of a tiger. It is truly a gorgeous pattern and unfortunately has led to them being hunted to near extinction.

Alas we do not have to hunt tigers to bring their beautiful patterns into our homes. We can use tiger tapestries, paintings and even fake rugs! Tapestries are my favourite because they are so cheap so for the size of them. You really can make a gorgeous backdrop with just one well chosen tapestry.

This one below is one of my favourites. I love the modern art style in combination with an animal. It creates a very urban yet wild theme – it’s difficult to describe but I’m sure you can see what I’m getting at.



Animal Tapestries!

Lately I have been really excited about the idea of buying a few animal tapestries and scattering them through the house. I would then build the room around the tapestry for example a lion tapestry might have an African Savannah style theme.

I have decided to go for an ocean theme after finding this post on awesome turtle tapestries. I particularly like first tapestry on the page and I plan to buy it to place on the backwall. I will then place ocean ornaments around the room and may even paint it blue!


Plants in the home!

Plants are a very underrated way of making your home more vibrant and creating a positive atmosphere. I have always been a fan of using plants in my house and have done so for years.

My favourite type of plant is the good old spider plant. They look fantastic and can be hung or placed in so many different ways which really can look AWESOME.

I also like ivy plants because they just look fantastic when they start to grow out and spread.

Be sure to have the room nice and clear if you are going to put plants in it. If you don’t you will not get the full effect of the plant and the vibe it creates! This is because the clutter reduces the flow of the room which conflicts with the plant and it just doesn’t feel right at all!


Cool Unicorn Tapestries

I have been looking for unicorn tapestries for a while now but all I could find was medieval type ones which I don’t like at all. I discovered this great website called Top tapestries which does all kinds of blog posts on different tapestries and styles. They made this super post on unicorn tapestries which I really enjoyed reading.

Basically it’s a top 10 list of the authors favourite tapestries (unicorn edition) in which he tells you why he/she likes them and how they would look cool in the home!

This is the number 1 which is so awesome!