Where to Get Cheap Tapestries

There is a massive range of tapestries out there on the internet available for all, however they are not all very affordable. Some of the tapestries at Etsy for example are ridiculously priced. To be fair, most of these tapestries are hand made and are totally gorgeous, the issue is they’re just not overly affordable.

We can also go over to Ebay and check out their tapestries but these aren’t readily available and get auctioned quickly. Society6 also have some great tapestries but again, they are a bit expensive. This is due to the fact that the art is custom printed onto a canvas, they’re not just mass produced tapestries.


Over at toptapestries there is a collection of cheap wall hangings which have been gathered together. There are some really cool tapestry hangings on this page and you should check it out! A lot of them are from Amazon but there is a mixture and variety of different ones which have been pulled together.

If you don’t own a tapestry yet I suggest you go with a really cheap one to see if you like it. A lot of people think tapestries look awesome but when they get it they just don’t like how it looks in their room. If you buy a nice cheap wall hanging it doesn’t matter if you don’t like it and you can just use it as a rugged picnic blanket!

The tapestry in the video below is the type of ones you get on the cheap. Usually a mandala of some sort made from cotton! They are usually really good quality for the price.


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